Serving Waco, TX and the surrounding area, JAG Aviation’s Aircraft Maintenance Shop performs scheduled and unscheduled Airframe and Powerplant services. Services include but are not limited to, annual inspections, pre-purchase evaluations, emergency services, routine maintenance, modifications, and structural repairs for your aircraft.

Our qualified A&P certified technicians have anywhere from 2 to 31 years of experience on Turbine and Piston aircraft. We are confident in our ability to handle almost any situation that arises impacting the airworthiness of your aircraft. We work diligently in order to get and keep your aircraft up and flying safely. Our aircraft maintenance department is only one of many reasons why we are Waco’s most reliable FBO.


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FBO Maintenance Services


JAG Aviation can take care of many of your required aircraft Inspections. From Annual and 100 Hour to Phase and Document inspections, our staff comprised of two I.A’s and multiple certified A&P Mechanics can get the job done.

Contact our Maintenance Department for estimates and flat rates.

FBO Maintenance Services


JAG Aviation’s Turbine Division has extensive experience on Pratt And Whitney-powered turbo-prop aircraft including the King Air series, Beech 1900, Piper Cheyenne and Cessna Caravan to name a few. From inspections, repairs and alterations, to engine changes and Hot Section Inspections, JAG Aviation’s maintenance team can take care of all of your Turbo-Prop Aircraft’s needs.

Operating a Corporate Jet? Our Turbine division is comprised of technicians experienced on multiple corporate jet aircraft. From the Cessna Citation Series to the Learjet 20, 30, 50, and 60 series, JAG can effectively accomplish the majority of the Phase and Document inspections as well as troubleshoot and repair discrepancies occurring during the normal operation of your aircraft.

Time change and worn items that come due, or are in need of replacement in between inspections, can be accomplished at a much more affordable rate than the large shops. Although not yet fully equipped for the major inspections, JAG can assist by managing the “major” inspections at the larger shops. Our experience and oversight of these projects have proven to save our customers thousands of dollars by providing alternatives and/or preventing unnecessary work from being charged to their accounts. Our capabilities are continuously increasing with the goal of being a one-stop-shop for your Jet Aircraft.

FBO Maintenance Services


JAG Aviation’s Piston Division is comprised of technicians with many years of experience in aircraft inspections, repairs, modifications, and troubleshooting.

We provide maintenance on a wide variety of aircraft including but not limited to Cessna single and twins, Piper singles and twins, Beechcraft single and twins, Cirrus, and a variety of experimental aircraft. While we still encounter the occasional “mystery” problem, we very rarely come across an issue our diverse team has never seen or been able to solve.

FBO Maintenance Services


If your thinking of buying an aircraft, let our experienced technicians help you review the aircraft you are looking at and advise you along the way. For Turbine Aircraft undergoing major maintenance with the Large or OEM shops, we can help by overseeing the project to ensure accurate and fair completion of the project, often saving you thousands of dollars.

FBO Maintenance Services


Need to relocate an aircraft in need of maintenance? We can help you obtain a special flight permit (Ferry Permit) to get your aircraft moved to our facility to get the work done to make it airworthy again.

FBO Maintenance Services


Buying or selling an aircraft outside the United States? JAG Aviation has extensive experience in the import and export of any aircraft. We work closely with a local DAR and can assist you with the necessary research involved, or provide you with all the required documentation needed to get your aircraft in or out of the country legally.